5 Household Items Stoners Can’t Live Without

What comes to mind when you think about the essential items stoners regularly rely on? Probably rolling papers or blunt wraps, or elaborate bongs and pipes.

While it’s not necessarily false to say that stoners depend on those items, there are more everyday household goods that ease the lives of stoners than you probably think. There are several common household items that even most stoners never thought could come in handy. Here are a few of them.

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Brita filter

Have you ever felt like you’ve been wandering around the desert aimlessly after smoking a joint because of how dry it made your throat feel? Any true stoner knows that cotton mouth (Is Cotton Mouth From Marijuana Use Actually Dangerous?) is a common byproduct of a smoke session gone right. That’s why regular pot smokers benefit from having an ice cold supply of water waiting for them in the refrigerator. Being dehydrated can create quite the buzzkill for you and a group of friends during a smoking session, and having access to ice cold, filtered water is the best way to avoid that.

Food storage containers or sandwich baggies

If this one caught you off guard, it’s likely that you aren’t alone. Even though you probably associated sandwich bags and plastic containers with school lunches or leftover spaghetti, they serve as great storage devices for your weed too! Depending on how much you’re willing to shell out, certain food storage containers can even trap the smell, too.

Another inconvenience plastic storage containers can solve is having a safe, secure place to place your goodies if you’re taking them to a friend’s house to enjoy. The struggle of having somewhere to store your stuff usually doesn’t manifest itself until it’s too late to do something about it, so it helps to always keep either sandwich bags or a small plastic storage container on hand.

Eye drops

Getting an unexpected visitor or having to make an emergency store run can feel awkward when you know your eyes are as red as a rose. The best way to avoid the embarrassment of being called out by non-stoners while still enjoying your buzz is to keep a batch of eye drops around at all times. Especially in today’s world of surprise Zoom hangouts and FaceTime calls, the importance of having a safeguard against having obnoxiously red eyes can’t be overstated. Want to know more? Here’s Why Smoking Weed Makes Your Eyes Red


We all know how easily lighters get lost, so why not make sure you always have a torch on hand as a backup? They’re cheap, reliable and often enough you can refill them with lighter fluid once they run out of juice. Taking that approach, you’ll never have to worry about needing a light again. Even better is the fact that you also probably won’t have to worry about friends pocketing them after the session.

Odor eliminating candles

This one is crucial for stoners who live in a shared space with others, or simply if you need the lingering smell of a smoke session to disappear. Odor eliminating candles can help restore the scent of your room to the point where you wouldn’t have ever guessed there was any smoking going on earlier.

So if you’re in an apartment, duplex, or if you have roommates who disapprove of the results of your weed smoking, then odor eliminating candles are a necessity. They can be crucial in helping to maintain an environment where your hobbies don’t interfere with anyone else’s living space.

Since the holidays are rapidly approaching, keep this list in mind if there’s a stoner in your life. You could have a chance to make this holiday season one to remember by gifting them a household good you know they’ll be able to put to good use!

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