7 Marijuana Hacks That Can Make Your Life Better

From DIY filters to storing your weed for ultimate freshness.

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Weed has been around for a long time. The fact that for the majority of its history it’s been shrouded in shame and secrecy is unfortunate, but it has also resulted in a lot of underground hacks that a lot of people don’t know about.

Here are 7 weed hacks that can simplify your life.

Buy pipe cleaners

Bongs & Pipes: What's The Best Option For New Smokers?Photo by Grav via Unsplash

If you smoke from a bong or a pipe, you know how terrible it is when it gets clogged, and how difficult it is to clean if too much time has passed. Luckily, there are devices designed with this purpose in mind: pipe cleaners. Buy them. These brushes make the cleaning process very simple and will extend the life of your pipes and bongs.

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Store your weed in a mason jar 

Mason jars are the right way to store weed. To make these containers into something even better, cover them with black construction paper or a black shirt. This dark and cool environment will ensure that the weed stays fresh over long periods of time.

Smoke around mealtimes

One of the best weed hacks of all time is to plan your smoke sessions around your meal times, and in the era of remote work, it’s even more convenient. By smoking around mealtimes you’ll ensure your food tastes amazing while also curbing the munchies by having something to eat.

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Use old cards as filters

Photo by rawpixel.com

Old greeting cards, birthday cards or any type of hard paper make for great filters, which will, in turn, make your joints last for longer periods of time and protect your lungs.

Use the focus weed provides you to your advantage

The right kind of high will have you focusing deeply on all kinds of things. Use this to your advantage like when you want to carefully brush your teeth for two minutes, or when you feel like working on your core by doing pushups and planks.

Store small amounts of weed in your packaged flavored blunt wraps

While they don’t make for good containers over long periods of time, packaged flavored wraps make for good temporary storing places, giving your weed a nice flavor.

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Pairing coffee with weed

For those who get very sleepy after smoking weed, coffee could help you stay more alert. Just be careful with how much of each you consume; if you overdo it, your body may end up feeling disoriented and confused.

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