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Senator Jacqui Lambie has said Scott Morrison’s continued MP “taints” federal Parliament, but insisted voters in the former prime minister’s electorate should have the final say on his future.

Lambie was speaking this morning before Prime Minister Anthony Albanese received advice from the Attorney-General that Morrison will be sworn in to five ministries.

“I think it taints the rest of us and that gets under my skin, to be honest with you.”

Morrison has come under pressure to resign as MP for Cook’s New South Wales seat, including from some Liberal MPs.

But Lambie says the people who elected him should have the final say.

“It is up to Cook’s people and if Cook wants him to go, if they feel his performance has been unsatisfactory, well, something has to be done.

“The only people who can put pressure on him are the Cook people who elected him in the first place.”

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