BIS banking on CBD products for animals

Cannabis and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) have the potential to boost the pet care business, following the first development of new CBD-based products for animals in Thailand, says Bioscience Animal Health Plc (BIS), a medicine and a vaccine for animals. supplier

CBD is known for its medical benefits in treating many human ailments, but according to Kasetsart University BIS researchers and experts, the substance can also be mixed with skin care products or produced as an oil of CBD for use with animals.

The new products, jointly developed by BIS and Kasetsart University, are expected to strengthen the company’s position in the pet market, which is growing steadily, said Poramase Kampak, BIS veterinarian and chief operating officer.

The company is preparing to sell CBD oil as well as CBD-infused body wash and shampoo in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We will debut our products under the ‘Canna BIS’ brand,” said BIS CEO Thanawat Kongcharoensombat.

He believes that venturing into the pet business will ensure long-term income for the company. Currently, the livestock related business is the main source of their income.

Poramase said it is not difficult for BIS to embark on the pet business because the company already has a network of clients.

The company has good connections with more than 1,000 animal clinics and hospitals across the country.

Many of the company’s employees are also veterinarians who know what hospitals and clinics want, Mr. Poramase said.

According to BIS, CBD can reduce inflammation and treat skin conditions, including chronic itching.

The substance also has the potential to treat some cancers in dogs and cats, the company said.

In addition, CBD can also relieve stress and anxiety among animals.

Poramase said the Thai authorities currently do not allow the import of CBD-based products for animals, so it is a good opportunity to build a Thai brand in this product category.

In the second quarter of this year, BIS accumulated 502 million baht in total revenue, up 2% year-on-year from 492 million baht.

However, its net profit fell to 13.2 million baht, down from 21.5 million baht in the same period last year, as it needed to cut prices on animal medicines and vaccines , after the lowest demand.

The situation came after the spread of African swine fever which significantly reduced the number of pigs in the country last year.

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