Booker says cannabis banking bill “requires changes” (Newsletter: August 18, 2022)

Anti-drug group hides backers amid backlash; CA Senator Talks Path of Psychedelic Bill; Marijuana activists AR oppose the ballot measure

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Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America has removed the corporate sponsors page from its website amid a backlash from marijuana reform supporters who wanted to know why the NFL, Krispy Kreme and other big brands were supporting a group working to block federal legislation of legalization.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said a marijuana banking bill “requires changes” to pass. He made the comments in conjunction with a briefing on a new report from current and former cannabis regulators proposing 10 specific amendments to achieve fairness.

“Moving forward, legislation like SAFE Banking requires changes to ensure that the communities most harmed by our broken marijuana policies are supported and that small cannabis businesses can have the same access to capital as large multi-state operators.”

California Sen. Scott Wiener (D) spoke to Marijuana Moment about his stalling of the psychedelic legalization bill, despite a last-minute deal with police lobbyists to phase out synthetics like LSD and MDMA, and the path forward to pass – him next year.

A new survey found that drug policy is the second most common topic Americans say they have changed their minds in, with almost twice as many people saying they have shifted in a “more liberal” direction than in a “more conservative” position.

Some Arkansas Marijuana Activists oppose the legalization measure on the state’s November ballot, arguing it’s a cash grab by the existing medical cannabis companies that funded it.


Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) tweeted: “Every 25 seconds, someone is arrested for possession of drugs for personal use in the US. It’s time to bring Brittney Griner home and take action to end the war on drugs in our country by federally legalizing marijuana and eliminating non-violent drugs.crimes”.

The House bill a clarify that the right to trial law covers Schedule I substances got a new co-sponsor for a total of five.


Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey, now attorney general, said the concerns she raised when she unsuccessfully tried to convince voters to reject a ballot measure legalizing marijuana “may have been, thankfully, unnecessary.”

Tennessee Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jason Martin tweeted: “While our neighbor Arkansas is on track to provide $60 million in community funding as a result of legalizing cannabis, Tennessee continues to criminalize petty drug offenses and let the cartels stay in control. Legalizing cannabis is just common sense.”

Connecticut Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski tweeted: “Why should CT FireLamont? While Ned promotes social equity and the legalization of marijuana, state agencies under his control are being sued for denying licenses.” In a related development, regulators asked a judge to move a lawsuit filed by a rejected cannabis company to administrative court.

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former congressman, tweeted about discussing legalizing marijuana at a rally.

A Maryland the delegate tweeted: “Free everyone locked up for possession of cannabis. Deportation is not enough! #Legalizeit”

South Dakota The top regulator of medical cannabis is stepping down.

Ohio regulators released revised medical cannabis dispensary rules.

an ancient Maine the prosecutor was sentenced to two years of probation for her role in an alleged $13 million illegal marijuana operation.

from Colorado The Working Group on Intoxicating Hemp Products and Tetrahydrocannabinol announced its upcoming meeting schedule.

Alaska regulators will host a listening session Monday on the marijuana licensing process.

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The San Marcos, Texas The City Council voted to place a marijuana decriminalization initiative on the November ballot instead of immediately enacting the reform.

The Seattle, Washington The City Council’s Finance Committee approved a package of cannabis capital bills.

The Clark County, Nevada The Commission voted to delay consideration of rules for marijuana consumption rooms.

New York police seized about 20 vehicles them to say were involved in the illegal sale of cannabis.

The Burlington, Vermont The City Council voted to create a local cannabis commission.

New Albany, Mississippi The mayor vetoed a measure by the Council of Alderman to allow medical cannabis companies.

The San Diego County, California The Board of Supervisors approved language for a November ballot measure to tax marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas.


that of Germany The Commissioner of Drugs and Addictions spoke about the process for forming and passing legislation to legalize marijuana.

from Thailand The Minister of Public Health is discouraging tourists from visiting the country to smoke marijuana.

from Ghana The Supreme Court explained why it struck down a cannabis cultivation licensing law.


One review summarized the “anti-neuroinflammatory activities of CBD against different neurological disorders.”

One study concluded that “using marijuana-related hospital discharge as a measure of marijuana abuse or misuse, results indicate a considerable increase in marijuana-related hospital discharges after the entry of retail cannabis stores,” but that “there is a lack of evidence that traffic accident incidents are affected by input.”


The Association for Health Equity and Cannabis Medicine resigned as a member of the Cannabis Council of the United States protesting what it says is “a growing influence of corporate cannabis priorities on the board that has continually overshadowed or isolated equity-focused recommendations.”

The New York State Poison Center said it has seen “a sharp increase in the number of calls … for children and teenagers who have eaten marijuana edibles.”


Cresco Labs Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $218.2 million and a net loss of $8.3 million.

GW Pharmaceuticals is asking the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit to uphold a federal judge’s dismissal of a CBD extraction patent lawsuit filed by Canopy Growth Corporation.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Teamsters Joint Council 25 signed a joint agreement that will give Teamsters Local 777 exclusive jurisdiction to organize cannabis workers in Illinois.

Tilray Brands, Inc. received approval to market medical cannabis products in Poland.

Cybin Inc. announced that it received a Drug Enforcement Administration License I to support a Phase 1/2a clinical trial of its proprietary psilocybin analog being developed to treat major depressive disorder greater


Mike Tyson he said he uses cannabis and psilocybin before fights.

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