CBD delivery method approaches 100% bioavailability in dogs

A new CBD delivery method has achieved nearly 100% bioavailability in a clinical study on dogs.

The Israeli pharmaceutical technology company, innocent has published the results of a recent clinical study that evaluated the efficacy of its CBD delivery system, known as liposome platform technology (LPT), in dogs in pain.

The study found that injecting Innocan’s CBD delivery system into subcutaneous fat under the skin could achieve a bioavailability level close to 100 percent, according to a press release from the company.

Oral administration of cannabidiol by humans typically results in bioavailability levels of between 6.5 and 20%.

Bioavailability is the technical term for how much CBD reaches the bloodstream. The low oral bioavailability of CBD in humans is the result of first-pass metabolism that “eats” the CBD before it can reach the bloodstream.

The research was conducted in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“One of the challenges of CBD treatments is its pharmacokinetic profile after oral administration which is characterized by low bioavailability and rapid elimination,” said Professor Chezy Barenholz of the Hebrew University.

“Our preliminary data shows that we can overcome these major hurdles using LPT technology and that is very encouraging.”

A liposomal delivery system is a drug preparation where the active ingredient, in this case CBD, is contained within tiny fat-like particles.

By administering injectable CBD encapsulated in liposomes, Innocan seeks to achieve long-lasting, therapeutic levels of CBD in the body. The company believes this will create a “much more effective” and prolonged therapeutic effect.

Innocan has conducted a series of experiments with its LPT platform in animals that have shown initial positive results proving the delivery system. prolonged release of CBD into the bloodstream with improved pharmacokinetic (PK) performance.

Innocan CEO Iris Bincovich commented, “It’s been a long time coming, and now Innocan is showing remarkable findings from its CBD bioavailability assay using LPT technology. We’re optimistic that this is important information for both our shareholders as well as for the scientific community”.

Innocan is focused on developing drug delivery platform technologies that use cannabinoids to treat various conditions. The company is currently developing two drug delivery technologies, including the LPT Liposome platform loaded with CBD. RThe research is in the preclinical trial phase for epilepsy and pain treatment.

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