CENTR Brands Announces North American Launch of CENTR Enhanced Functional Sparkling Water

VANCOUVER, British Columbia— CENTR Brands Corp. announced. (CSE: CNTR) (FSE: 303) (OTCQB: CNTRF) (the “Company”) (CENTR, or CENTR Instant), one of the fastest growing premium functional wellness beverage brands in North America the addition of CENTR Enhanced, a CBD-free functional sparkling water to the company’s growing portfolio of health and wellness products.

Slated for release in October, CENTR Enhanced is a refreshing, ZERO calorie, nootropic, adaptogen-enriched functional drink that incorporates a variety of good-for-you elements. CENTR Enhanced will be caffeine-free and CENTR Enhanced+, provides 60 mg of natural caffeine for more energy and focus (collectively, “CENTR Enhanced”).

This will be CENTR’s first CBD-free product expansion and will be available to consumers across North America. CENTR will sell through various existing distribution channels as well as the company’s online channels.

CENTR Enhanced responds to tremendous consumer demand in a global market estimated to currently exceed $12 billion in total sales with estimates to grow to nearly $30 billion over the next ten years. The exponential growth of this market is driven by health-conscious consumers looking for functional, great-tasting alternatives to sugary drinks and alcohol. Given this massive and growing demand for functional beverage categories, CENTR will immediately benefit from the hundreds of thousands of retail locations (from small convenience stores and gas stations to larger grocery formats) that already have demand for this type of functional drinks in their stores.

In keeping with our product development philosophy, CENTR sourced the best possible adaptogens and nootropics available, ensuring consumers can find their center with ingredients that have a high degree of efficacy, but are also great tasting and refreshing Premium adaptogens and nootropic ingredients selected in CENTR Enhanced include: Sceletium tortuosum, Panax notoginseng and astragalus membranaceus, gamma-aminobutyric acid and Cognizin citicoline. This synergistic combination of ingredients complements our unique and existing natural citrus flavor that consumers already love, providing sustained and balanced mental energy throughout the day. CENTR Enhanced was designed to help consumers sharpen and focus in everyday chaos.

CENTR Enhanced is formulated with health-promoting nootropics and adaptogens:

Mood Enhancer: Sustainably grown plant adaptogens to promote anti-anxiety effects, help boost serotonin and boost dopamine for a mood boost. Cognitive Boost: Promotes improved cognition and work performance, elevates mood, reduces irritability, promotes a sense of calm, reduces stress, and improves sleep quality. Immune efficiency: promotes nutrient absorption, the generation of healthy intestinal walls, improves muscle protein synthesis and promotes immune function. Relieve Stress: Natural non-protein amino acids that promote increased relaxation and mental clarity while reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Focus and Memory Support: Provide the nutrition the brain needs to stay alert and focused, supporting mental energy, promoting focus, attention and memory while supporting overall cognitive health.

“This is an exciting new chapter in CENTR’s story as we evolve the company from more than just a CBD-focused business,” said CENTR Brands CEO Arjan Chima. “We first launched CENTR over 3 years ago to meet consumer demand in the nascent CBD beverage category and it became the category leader. We then evolved our offering in 2021 with the launch of CENTR Instant , a ready-to-mix CBD powder with adaptogens, and now this launch solidifies our transition into the health and wellness category. Today’s consumers have higher expectations than what they get from their beverage experience, they want to combine an experience positive flavor with a functional, formulated beverage that can also support physical and psychological well-being. Simply put, they’re looking for new ways to find their CENTR. CENTR Enhanced meets that expectation by offering just that, a great-tasting, good-tasting beverage for you that consumers can feel good CENTR Brands is already a leader in functional beverages, CENTR Enhanced cements that leadership role as the company continues to grow,” continued Chima.

“The growing demand in the health and wellness market continues to see CENTR Brands, with our growing product portfolio, ideally positioned to continue to grow and lead the industry in functional wellness,” said CENTR Brands President and CFO, David Young. “The launch of CENTR Enhanced creates additional opportunities for the company to drive revenue growth and improve returns for our shareholders,” he continued.

CENTR Enhanced builds on CENTR Brands’ success as the maker of CENTR and CENTR Sugar Free, the #1 selling CBD beverage brand in the United States, according to Brightfield Research. CENTR and CENTR Sugar Free are sparkling, low-calorie drinks with CBD. CENTR Instant also offers consumers a family of on-the-go adaptogen-based CBD powders.

About CENTR Brands Corp.

CENTR Brands Corp. is one of North America’s leading functional wellness beverage companies and maker of the #1 selling CBD beverage brand in the United States, according to Brightfield Research. The company develops and markets functional ingestible alcohol-free products for the global market. The company produces CENTR, CENTR Sugar Free, both fizzy and low-calorie beverages with CBD, and CENTR Instant, a family of on-the-go adaptogen-based CBD powders.

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