Chamber Of Commerce—Eastern Connecticut: New England Hemp Farm Sets Up In Groton, Details Plans For ‘The Barn’ –

November 18, 2021

New England Hemp Farm (NEHF) was founded in 2019 by two longtime friends, Keith and Brian.

New England Hemp Farm (NEHF)

Keith Bunovsky is a lifelong resident of Connecticut and has been a registered farmer for over 30 years, building a thriving agriculture business from scratch. Brian Edmonds has lived in Connecticut for more than 25 years and has had a successful career in finance in New York City for over 30 years.

Today, New England Hemp Farm operates as a family-owned, ethically sourced CBD company. With prior knowledge on Connecticut’s agricultural industry, they also have an interest in giving back. NEHF states that a percentage of their profits go towards helping preserve open farmland in New England and also benefit qualified inner city programs.

This fall, NEHF purchased Groton’s former Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department Building. While still under renovation, the company has big plans for the space. Aptly named The Barn, this building will serve as their primary retail location, as well as online distribution facility.

The Barn

NEHF adds, “We knew this was a special building when we bought it. When we removed the drop ceiling tiles we exposed an incredible vaulted ceiling above a large stage–and it appears that we stumbled upon an old Grange, which was converted to a Firehouse–now our restoration will bring this wonderful building back to its roots!”

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