Connecticut auto body shops struggle as car part shortages, inflated prices impact business

August 4, 2022 at 02:16Updated 6 hours ago

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Auto body repair shops in Connecticut are still feeling the impacts to their businesses due to the shortage of auto parts and inflated prices.

Roger Lusardo, the owner of Marty’s Auto Body, says the problem has gotten worse with cars sitting in his shop for weeks because certain parts don’t arrive on time.

Lusardo says the problem started when COVID started, but now it’s gotten progressively worse. He says not only are auto parts hard to come by, but customers who have accidents are likely to have to wait weeks for their vehicle.

In addition, Lusardo says he is dealing with a lack of employees.

“This is the worst it’s been in 21 years. We’re still busy, but dealing with insurance companies, dealing with customers and dealing with the parts department is very difficult now,” says Lusardo. “Especially when they come in and want to fix their car right away, and I tell them we’re a little out and we’re a month out.”

Lusardo says customers face price increases in small increments.

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