Covid Rises Again In China

Covid in China: Cases of Covid have increased in many parts of China.


Xi’s Zero-Covid policy has failed miserably as new areas are infected by the coronavirus, especially the tourist centers of Tibet and Hainan. Due to the abrupt enforcement of the lockdowns, tens of thousands of tourists are stranded in the regions.

Coronavirus infections are spreading to new areas of China, although old infected areas remain hotspots. Despite restrictions on public movement that led to loss of livelihood and great mental harassment, the Zero-Covid policy did not work. The coronavirus infection is spreading to new areas of China, leaving people helpless, Asian Lite International.

Due to the abrupt enforcement of the lockdowns, tens of thousands of tourists are now stranded. Ironically, China was the first to declare the country free of Covid-19 in early 2021.

Tibet had reported only one asymptomatic patient since the Covid-19 pandemic originated in China and spread across the world like wildfire. A few days ago, Tibet has found 28 new patients with Covid, which has caused panic in the region. Now, Chinese agencies are building makeshift hospitals with a capacity of more than 3,000 beds.

People in the new Covid zones are worried about long-lasting Shanghai-style lockdowns, which could affect their jobs, basic freedom and mental health. Those in quarantine at the Covid center did not get beds or blankets, and people stuck at home struggled to get food and medicine.

Even children, including infants, were forcibly separated from their parents. Chinese people shared their problems on social media, leading to a public outcry against Xi’s Zero-Covid policy.

“I definitely don’t want my children to carry the uncertainty of living in a country where the government can just come to your door and do whatever they want,” Jiang, 30, said.

Newly infected areas are now heading into strict lockdowns as the government has closed pubs, restaurants and shopping centers and begun suspending rail and air services.

There is a strong possibility that even grocery stores will be closed in accordance with the Zero-Covid policy. This has led to chaos in Hainan and Tibet, where tourists can be seen stranded at airports.

China’s GDP has taken a hit due to Xi’s Zero-Covid policy. Now, the expansion of the policies to new areas may further harm the Chinese economy and cause a major negative impact on people’s livelihoods and mental health, according to Asian Lite International.

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