Easton Oliverson: Little League World Series player faces swelling limiting his ability to see

Doctors told parents that swelling on 12-year-old Easton “Tank” Oliverson’s face has increased, according to an Instagram account set to provide updates on its recovery.

“The swelling on her face has increased and the doctors have told her parents that it will get worse,” the post said. “This has limited Easton’s ability to see, creating a unique challenge for him. While we have seen countless miracles in Easton’s journey (and still are), he will still have difficult times like today.”

“Through it all, he still makes sure to tell everyone he talks to that he loves them. Instead of complaining, he chooses to express his love. That’s really the kind of kid Easton is, so we know he’s going to pull through. of this so strongly. Please continue to pray for our friend. We love you all!!”

The post also said Oliverson, dressed in his Mountain Region gear, was able to watch Friday’s game between his team and Tennessee’s Nolensville Little League from his hospital room.

“This was a very emotional evening for him,” the post read.

Oliverson suffered a fractured skull after falling from a bunk in the players’ dormitory in Williamsport, Pa., on Monday morning. His team, Utah’s Snow Canyon Little League, earned a trip to Williamsport after winning a regional championship in California.

The young athlete was taken to a children’s hospital in critical condition. His father told CNN he was “fighting for his life,” and doctors said he was only 30 minutes away from death. He underwent surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma.

In the days since, Oliverson has made impressive progress toward recovery, as documented on the Instagram account “miraclesfortank.” By Wednesday he was no longer sedated and on Thursday he was moved out of an intensive care unit and able to feed himself.

A separate Instagram post said Saturday afternoon that doctors have contacted Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City to set up “travel plans” and expect Oliverson to return to Utah by Tuesday of next week.

Along with the post, the family shared a video of Oliverson saying, “Hey, this is Easton. Thanks for the prayers.” He also added that he is starting to feel better.

“We are very happy with this update and can’t wait to have our boy a little closer to home,” the post said Saturday afternoon.

The Little Leaguer has received great support from across the country. Kevin Cash, the manager of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays, sent a heartfelt message to Oliverson on Saturday.

“We’ve been keeping up with your progress and we just want to let you know that you have fans you’ve never met in Florida that are really rooting for you,” Cash said in an Instagram video posted to @miraclesfortank. “I remember how excited I was to have the opportunity to play in the Little League World Series. There’s something about baseball that brings people together. It’s like an extended family.”

“We’re here to celebrate wins and cheer each other on through tough times. Tank, we’re sending positive thoughts and well wishes to you and Snow Canyon Little League… Let’s do it for Tank.”

The post thanked the Rays for the message. “Thank you @raysbaseball for sending this heartfelt message. The support means the world and more to Easton and his family!”

CNN’s Jason Hanna, Jason Carroll and Carolyn Sung contributed to this report.

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