Ex-Mets Manager Bobby Valentine Is Sore Loser of Mayoral Race – The Daily Beast

Bobby Valentine, the former manager of the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox, lost his bid to become mayor of Stamford, Connecticut—and sniped about “lousy” media coverage and people voting more than once. Valentine, famous for getting fired a lot and for once returning to the dugout in disguise after getting tossed out of a game, was defeated by Democrat Caroline Simmons. Before he conceded, he told supporters that he’d been told about people who voted by absentee ballot and then went to the polls in person. When he finally threw in the towel, he was less than gracious, the New York Daily News reported. “Someone says maybe I’m supposed to thank the media for all the lousy coverage that they gave us or maybe even compliment [Simmons’ team] for the campaign they ran but I can’t do that with an open heart and a clear mind, so I’m just going to say the campaign is over,” he said.

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