EXCLUSIVE: Keep Calm And Carry CBD Softgels With THC, CV Sciences Launches Relaxation Products

CBD Hemp Manufacturer CV Sciences, Inc. CVSI has launched +PlusCBD Reserve Collection softgels to support stress relief and relaxation. This new CBD collection will be available online starting August 15 at $54.99 per 60-count bottle.

“It’s important to the CV Sciences team that we create a range of options for consumers looking to incorporate a micro-dose of CBD and THC into their daily lives.” Joseph Dowling, CV Sciences CEO told Benzinga. “During times of anxiety, stress and depression, +PlusCBD Reserve Collection Softgels bring powerful feelings of calm, comfort and relief to those who need support. The softgels are easy to take, comfortable and carefully formulated to improve the quality of life of our consumers, demonstrating CV Sciences’ commitment to innovative, high-quality CBD and THC products.”

+PlusCBD booking highlights

+PlusCBD Reserve Collection softgels is the new iteration of CV Sciences’ best-selling Reserve Collection, the brand’s only THC line. Reserve Softgels are specially formulated to deliver a full spectrum of cannabinoidss, foster feelings of calm and relief when consumers need intensive support.

Reserve the white capsules with a feature 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC (12.5 mg of CBD to 1.25 mg of THC), offering a manageable micro-dose perfect for consumers of all backgrounds and needs. These softgels are available in 60-count bottles.

Soft capsules are ideal for both men and women, from Millennials to Boomers who are occasional CBD/THC users.

Reserve softgels join the +PlusCBD Reserve Collection product line, which includes gummies and oils available in various flavors and strengths.

“With the continued success of the Reserve collection, an easy-to-take softgel is the perfect next addition to offer consumers an even wider range of form factors,” said Dowling. “CV Sciences’ ongoing goal is to provide consumers with the most innovative and highest quality ways to incorporate CBD and THC into their daily lives, actively targeting common issues such as anxiety, depression and stress” .

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