EXCLUSIVE: Read Inman’s Industry Blueprint for a Changing Market

“Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce unnecessary expenses.”

“Focus on quality versus quantity.”

“This is the market to grow.”

These were just some of the tips top real estate leaders shared last week at the invitation-only CEO Connect event held at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. With real estate at a crossroads, it seemed like an urgent time to bring together the smartest people in the industry.

Against that backdrop, when a group of CEOs and senior executives gathered in a room during Connect, Inman asked them to share their best advice for agents, teams, brokers and tech companies. Leaders in the room included Keller Williams President Marc King, eXp Realty CEO Jason Gesing, Homeward CEO Tim Heyl, Era Ventures Partner Clelia Peters, founder of ‘Inman, Brad Inman and many more.

Responses were collected through both written notes and live sessions where different leaders discussed the best way forward for the sector. Inman then analyzed hundreds of comments and pulled out the most salient and useful ones.

What resulted is Inman’s first industrial project. It is a document designed to share the wisdom of people who have already climbed the ropes. And it’s especially related to this specific time, when the market is still changing and it’s not sure where the housing business is going.

So, with all that in mind, read Inman’s industry blueprint here.

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