Holyoke Dam helps keeps Connecticut River levels normal

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite the drought, the Connecticut River remains as welcoming to boaters as it ever has been.

You would never know from the river conditions elsewhere in Massachusetts and across the country, the normal water level along the Connecticut River here in western Massachusetts. It’s all because of the constant flow of water from Holyoke Dam. Regardless of the lack of rain, the dam keeps the river at its normal level.

How much rain is needed to return to normal conditions in western Massachusetts?

“With no rain this year, they still have the same water level and everything is fine. Customers and boaters are very happy with the way they control the water level”. Frank Marchese, at Oxbow Marina

The Connecticut River continues to flow at its usual level, sparing us the hassles and uncertainties that define the boating experience that other drought-stricken areas of the country continue to face.

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