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Are you looking for a nice legal high? Delta 8 has you covered. This new fantastic cannabinoid is often referred to as diet weed because of the mild high it provides without the adverse side effects like anxiety and paranoia.

Buying weed online has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of Delta 8 products. Because of the 2018 federal farm bill, Delta 8 is legal US-wide, and not only that, but Delta 8 THC comes in many different forms and products like gummies, vapes, tinctures, pre-rolls, etc.

With its popularity on the rise, you might be confused about the best place to buy weed online. That’s precisely why we’ve made the ultimate list of companies that sell weed online.

How Many States Are Weed Legal In?

Despite some states legalizing recreational marijuana use, weed is still illegal on a federal level. The main psychoactive compound in cannabis is the Delta 9 THC cannabinoid, which is prohibited from use in the US.

This is where Delta 8 comes in. Delta 8 THC is found in both cannabis and hemp. This fairly new cannabinoid is excellent for people who don’t enjoy marijuana’s strong side effects.

Mainly derived from hemp and containing little to no amounts of Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 is legal on a federal level. It is legal thanks to a hole in the 2018 Federal Farm Bill.

As long as Delta 8 products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, they are legal to buy and use. In contrast to marijuana, some states have banned the usage of Delta 8 products, so always read up on your local state laws.

Be wary not to get yourself into trouble thinking you’re doing nothing illegal by consuming Delta 8.

States that prohibit the usage of Delta 8 THC products include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Kentucky, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Utah, Washington, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Top Delta 8 THC Vendors To Buy Weed [2021]

  1. Exhale Wellness – Best Weed Gummies & Edibles Online
  2. BudPop – Top Marijuana Buying Site
  3. Delta ExtraX – Best Recreational Dispensary Near Me
  4. Diamond CBD – Cheap Online Dispensary Shipping USA
  5. 3Chi – Best THC Weed Gummies & Chewables

#1. Exhale Wellness – Best Weed Gummies & Edibles Online



Products: Gummies, carts, flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, cigarettes, concentrates.

This California-based company sources all their hemp from high-grade farms in Colorado. All of their products are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and are free of pesticides & contaminants.

They have a wide variety of Delta 8 products, but their Delta 8 Carts are our absolute favorite. With unique flavors derived from the most delicious strains and infused with rich natural terpenes, their carts are world-class.


As a first-time buyer, you will get 20% off your first order. Most products ship within 24 hours, and you can try free economy shipping or pay for a faster one (4-6 days).

Exhale has a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, providing a full refund.

Customer reviews

Exhale has hundreds of 5-star reviews, commending the quality of the products and the very helpful customer service. Many people have really enjoyed the potency and taste of their Delta 8 flower.

What we liked

  • Natural and organic products
  • A large variety of products
  • Free shipping
  • Great refund policy
  • Third-party lab tested

=> Click here to get the best deals on Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Top Marijuana Buying Site


Products: Gummies, Cartridges, Flowers.

BudPop is a relatively new company that is taking the Delta 8 space by storm. BudPop wants to bring Delta 8 products to help you with pain relief, stress relief, and stimulate your appetite.

Their hemp is grown vegan, non-GMO, organically, pesticide-free on farms located in Nevada.

Their focus is on the three main products, of which we enjoyed their flowers the most. Any smoker would enjoy grinding up and rolling a nice bud, knowing it’s completely legal.

BudPop tests all its products using independent third-party labs. The COAs are made public and available on their site.


Budpop gives out free shipping on orders above $50. The shipping they provide is one of the fastest, with the products arriving within a few days.

You can return and exchange products within no more than 14 days of order arrival.

They have a great discount program for people in need, like veterans and people with disabilities.

Customer reviews

Tons of users reported feeling great after using their products. Say goodbye to stress and pain when indulging in BudPop Delta 8.

What we liked

  • The website is sleek and easy-to-use
  • Free shipping above 50$
  • High-quality locally sourced hemp
  • Very strong delta 8 flowers
  • Third-party tested and certified

=> Click here to get the best deals on Budpop

#3. Delta ExtraX – Best Recreational Dispensary Near Me


Products: Cartridges, disposables, concentrates, edibles, pods, flowers, tinctures.

Delta ExtraX is one of the most popular cannabis brands in the US. They sell premium quality Delta 8 and Delta 10 products.

Hailing from Irvine, California, Delta ExtraX sources their hemp from US-based organic and natural farms.

They have some of the best-rated Delta 8 oils and tinctures on the market. This is because quality, strain-specific, and flavored tinctures are hard to come by. A few drops of the tincture will for sure brighten up your day!

Safe and natural products are a priority for Delta ExtraX. That’s why independent third-party labs test all their products.


All of their products have shipping times of 3-7 days, and you can cancel an unshipped product for a full refund. After the product is shipped, all sales are final, and no refunds are available.

Customer reviews

Delta ExtraX has over 2500+ certified reviews. The overwhelming majority of those are positive, commending the quality of the products and the health benefits they provide. Users report that Delta 8 helped them with depression and chronic pains.

What we liked

  • Informative blog and fun meme section
  • A large variety of products and choices
  • Third-party tested and certified
  • Great customer service
  • Premium quality for affordable prices

=> Click here to get the best deals on Delta ExtraX

#4. Diamond CBD – Cheap Online Dispensary Shipping USA


Products: Gummies, gel capsules, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, oils, disposable vapes, edibles.

One of the best Delta 8 brands on the market today, Diamond CBD, are experts when it comes to combining Delta 8 potent highs with soothing relaxation from CBD.

Diamond CBD produces organic, eco-friendly, and contaminant-free products. They have a vast catalog of products with many flavors and variations to choose from.

Our top pick would have to be their gummies coming in many delicious flavors. Chewing on these little guys will significantly enhance your day and relieve you of any mental or physical aches.

Diamond CBD has very strict quality controls, and all their products go through multiple third-party testing.


Diamond CBD is not only affordable but offers free shipping. Free 2-day shipping is also added on orders above $100. They frequently offer discounts as large as 70%.

You can return unopened products within 30 days to get a full refund.

Customer reviews

Diamond CBD has thousands of reviews with a 4.9-star rating. Their unique combinations of CBD and Delta 8 have been providing sleeping aid to thousands.

What we liked

  • Free shipping
  • Third-party tested
  • Great customer support
  • Eco-friendly and organic products
  • Huge catalog of Delta 8 edibles

=> Click here to get the best deals on DiamondCBD

#5. 3Chi – Best THC Weed Gummies & Chewables


Products: Carts, disposable vapes, edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, and more.

3Chi are the pioneers of Delta 8, bringing this wonderful cannabinoid to the world. 3Chi manufactures cannabinoid extracts with love. Delta 8 is their primary focus, but they also offer products containing CBG, CBC, CBD, CBN, and THCv.

3Chi’s products are a great choice for all of you who do not prefer to smoke. They offer an impressive array of edibles, like cookies, gummies, brownies, and candies. Moreover, the oils and concentrates are super potent and can be a great addition to your diet.

If you’re new to the Delta 8 world, 3Chi has extensive information under each product about its effects, potency, dosing, and much more.


3Chi’s shipping is pretty average, but still, delivery is pretty quick. They have a no-refund policy.

Customer reviews

Being the first on the Delta 8 market, while keeping pricing affordable, 3Chi have thousands upon thousands of positive reviews. Compliments are flying on the taste of their edibles, as well as the high they provide.

What we liked

  • Affordable pricing
  • A wide choice of edibles
  • Responsive customer support
  • All-natural products
  • Lots of information about the products

=> Click here to get the best deals on 3Chi

#6. MoonWlkr

Products: Carts, gummies, disposables.

MoonWlkr are hemp experts with the dedication to make the best Delta 8 products possible. It’s because of this reason they focus on only two products – gummies and cartridges.

If you’re looking to buy weed online, Moonwlkr has carts that will make you feel like you’re dancing on the moon. The carts come in six different fruity flavors, each one tasting amazing.

The dedication to quality has earned them a spot in publications like High Times, Dank City, Merry Jane, Ministry of Hemp, and more.

Moonwlkr tests its products using third-party laboratories.


There is free shipping on orders above $50, and they typically ship their products within 2-4 days. You can return an item within 30-days to be eligible for a refund.

Customer reviews

People loved their bundles, getting all their products in one package, and this garnered them over 600+ positive reviews. People say Moonwlkr have the most delicious products.

What we liked

  • Free shipping above $50
  • A sleek website with a friendly interface
  • Great selection of flavors
  • Good rewards program

#7. JustDelta

Products: Gummies and vape cartridges.

JustDelta are another company focusing on only two products, manufacturing some of the best gummies and carts on the market.

Based in Florida, all of their hemp is sourced from natural US farms and third-party lab tested to ensure safety, potency, and quality.

JustDelta gummies can help you live a stress-free life, boost your performance, and feel incredible.

What’s great about these guys is their 30-day risk-free policy. If you’re not satisfied with the effects their products provide, you can return them and get a full refund.


JustDelta offers free shipping on orders above $35, and they have a free returns policy.

Customer reviews

Although these guys don’t have hundreds of reviews like some other companies on this list, the ones they have are great. Customers reported feeling great after just one gummy, and they are so yummy they can’t have enough of them.

What we liked

  • Free shipping on orders above $35
  • Great refund policy
  • Delicious gummies

#8. Koi CBD

Products: Flowers, gummies, tinctures.

Koi CBD manufactures amazing CBD and Delta 8 products, coming from full-spectrum organic hemp and undergoing complete panel analysis testing.

The hemp flowers they offer are an excellent choice for any seasoned smoker, as they remind you of smoking the real deal while everything is perfectly legal.

Infused with rich natural terpenes and derived from some of the most popular strains, Koi’s flowers are always a good choice.


Orders above $35 will get you free shipping. Their refund policy is pretty laid-back. You can return a product if unsatisfied. Koi offers a lifetime discount of 25% for veterans.

Customer reviews

People were generally surprised at how well Delta 8 flowers feel. Both in taste and smell, as well as the high it provides. Customers felt relaxed and chilled out. All in all, their products have a 4.8 rating.

What we liked

  • Great shipping rates
  • Fast delivery
  • Discounts for veterans
  • Amazing quality hemp flower

#9. Extract Labs

Products: Chocolates, oils, distillates.

Extract Labs are experts when it comes to distillates infused with terpenes from the most well-known strains. They offer the most potent Delta 8 distillates and oils, made using the highly precise C02 extraction method.

You would love these products knowing they do not contain added substances like vegetable glycerin, MCT oil, vitamin E, propylene glycol, or other thinning agents.


They give out free domestic shipping on orders above $60. Delivery times are pretty standard.

You can return products you’re not satisfied with within seven days of arrival.

Customer reviews

Extract Labs have hundreds of reviews about their distillates, commending them on the amazing taste, as well as the mellow, chill vibe that gets you going. Most complaints are about them not having other varieties like flowers because people would be all over them.

What we liked

  • Free shipping on orders above $60
  • Products made using the C02 extraction method
  • Lab-tested and free of contaminants
  • Amazing quality distillates

#10. BlueMoonHemp

Products: Flowers, cartridges, dabs, gel caps, gummies.

Using the highest quality hemp made sustainably, Blue Moon Hemp preserves the most critical plant nutrients and vitamins to get you to the moon.

These guys have partnered with farms in Kentucky and ISO-certified laboratories that test all their products. This shows transparency and commitment to quality.

BlueMoonHemp wants to provide the best experience for new users, so if you’re not satisfied with their products, you will get a full refund.


BlueMoonHemp has one of the fastest shipping times, and their orders ship out within 48 hours.

Customer reviews

Being in business since 2016, BlueMoon have had positive reviews for years. Besides people loving the taste and feel of the products, tons of reviews have been commending their laid-back policies for newbies and the great customer service they received.

What we liked

  • Great policy for new-comers
  • Organic, GMO-free hemp
  • Helpful and responsive customer support service
  • All products are lab-tested

#11. Area52

Products: Tinctures, gummies, disposable vapes, honey sticks.

Area52 focuses on providing the best Delta 8 experience and bringing creativity to your life. They will help you alienize your mind!

Sourced from farms in Colorado and California, Area52 creates only high-grade products using the most strict and notorious manufacturing processes.

Their website is well-designed and very easy-to-use together with their blog that provides excellent learning information. The shopping experience is great.


With Area52, you can get free priority shipping on orders above $110. As of now, no refunds are available, but you can always contact customer support with any questions you have.

Customer reviews

People really loved their vapes. Described as nice and mellow, providing a strong high while being easy on the throat. The vapes amassed over 100 5-star reviews.

What we liked

  • A well-designed website and great user interface
  • Free shipping on orders above $110
  • Premium quality products
  • Third-party tested and certified

#12. Everest

Products: Gummies, carts, oil.

Everest is a brand that prides itself in creating some of the highest-quality gummies. They are all-natural, sustainable, GMO-free, containing no heavy metals or pesticides.

If you’re looking to relax and relieve everyday stress from your life, you can not go wrong with Everest. These gummies go through multiple testing done by independent laboratories.

Their website is beautiful and straightforward, making the whole shopping experience of buying weed online fantastic.


Everest got you covered with free shipping on all orders, with delivery from 2 to 5 days.

You can get a refund but pay for the return shipping.

Customer reviews

People loved the natural taste of the gummies, even though they are made vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, with little to no artificial flavors.

What we liked

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Multiple testing done and COAs
  • Vegan, GMO-free, natural, and organic
  • Extracted from high-grade hemp

#13. Bearly Legal Hemp

Products: Vapes, cigarettes, pre-rolls, flowers, dabs, concentrates, and more.

One of the latest companies to join the market, BearlyLegalHemp, are great for people who love smokables. You can opt-in for some of their premium cigarettes or hand-rolled joints that taste and feel like the real deal.

You should definitely try out their premium Delta 8 cigarettes made with ripe and sticky California Kush. They only use fresh hemp that is harvested and cured in a week. They utilize dry freeze technology to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids and freshness of the cigarettes.


BearlyLegalHemp can get you free shipping on orders above $50.

Customer reviews

BearlyLegal can pride themselves with over 1000 verified reviews. People have been going crazy about their cigarettes and pre-rolls. The high they provide is soothing and potent, tasting like real weed.

What we liked

  • A large variety of products
  • Great shipping policies
  • Natural, organic hemp
  • Affordable pricing

#14. ATLRx

Products: Flowers, dabs, gummies, pre-rolls, caramels, gel caps.

ATLRx are a Georgia-based company dedicated to bringing healthy alternatives for your mind and body. Starting out in 2019, they have been rapidly growing and expanding ever since.

One of the greatest products ATLRx have are their pre-rolls. Hand-rolled with perfectly ground weed buds and topped off with some kief, these pre-rolls will truly make your day. If you prefer to roll your own, they sell flowers too, so you can get the complete stoner experience.


Free shipping is given on all orders. All of ATLRx’s products ship within 2-3 days and arrive pretty quickly. If you do not like the product, you can get a refund within 30-days of buying.

Customer reviews

ATLRx have over a thousand 5-star reviews. People have been grateful for the quality and service they provide. The pre-rolls were complimented for the amazing taste and fast-hitting high.

What we liked

  • Free shipping
  • Affordable prices
  • Great refund policy

#15. EightySix

Products: Cartridges, disposables, gummies, sugary edibles.

EightySix are definitely one of the best places to buy weed online from.

What’s better than both getting stoned and satisfying your munchies at the same time! With their sugar edibles line, EightySix provides delicious goodies.

We recommend their chocolate that comes in Cookies & Cream and Milk Chocolate flavors. It gets you going super-fast and is legitimately one of the tastiest chocolates you can try.

If you don’t like chocolate, you can go for their chewy candies like peach rings or sour belts.

Edibles infused with Delta 8 must be top-notch quality, that’s why EightySix makes their sugar line GMO-free, tests it using third-party labs, and they are ISO-certified.


Products ship out within 3-7 days. You can only return and exchange damaged products.

Customer reviews

People seem to love the edibles. The only complaint people have is EightySix not having enough flavors of the delicious chocolate.

What we liked

  • A large variety of sugary edibles
  • Third-party tested and ISO-certified
  • Friendly and helpful customer support

#16. Skyhio

Products: Cartridges, gummies, dabs, oils, tinctures, edibles.

Skyhio are another great company when it comes to buying quality weed for affordable prices. Most famed for their cartridges that will give you an upbeat but functional buzz without clouding your head.

The cartridges are not only affordable but come in a variety of strains to choose from, like Bubblegum, Gelato, Berry White, and much more.


Skyhio offers free shipping on all orders above $99. All sales are final, and no refunds are given.

Customer reviews

Skyhio has hundreds of reviews on their vapes and products. Many people said these are the best carts they’ve ever tried while still keeping the price on the low side. Very potent, and one puff gives you strong effects right away.

What we liked

  • Free shipping on orders above $99
  • Many different strains to pick from
  • Affordable pricing

#17. TreetopHemp

Products: Cartridges, disposables, gummies.

TreetopHemp is a new company entering the market by storm. They offer premium quality products and focus mostly on vapes and disposables.

You can find delicious flavors from classic strains like GorillaGlue, Skywalker OG, Gelato, Blue Dream, and much more.

HempLivingUSA is the partner who carries their products, and people seem to be loving them.


Free shipping is offered. Most shipments arrive in 2-3 days. If your item is unopened, you can return or exchange it in the first 10 days.

Customer reviews

We couldn’t find that many reviews, but those that were out there seemed genuinely satisfied.

What we liked

  • Premium quality cartridges
  • All products are tested by third-party labs
  • Free shipping

#18. MysticLabs

Products: Oils, vapes, gummies.

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, MysticLabs manufactures only the highest-quality hemp products in the US.

These guys do everything from seed to product in-house in a large state-of-the-art facility.

Quality is the highest priority for MysticLabs, and their facility is certified and adheres to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

We enjoyed their oils, which can provide focus and clarity for a productive day. Another excellent use for these tiny drops is to put some on your food after work and mellow out, you will unwind and sleep like a baby.


Shipping costs $5 or free if you have an order above $75. MysticLabs have a great 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase from their website. You will get a full refund.

Customer reviews

People like having the convenience of being able to dose with their tincture, and just a few drops under the tongue will quickly get you flying.

What we liked

  • Reasonable pricing for good quality
  • Manufactured at a modern and certified facility
  • Tested by independent third-parties

#19. HometownHero

Products: Gummies, joints, capsules, tinctures, flowers, moon rocks.

HometownHero are one of the most nobel companies on this list. Created with the love and dedication to give back to the community, these guys offer life-long programs and discounts for veterans, teachers, police, students, people with disabilities, and more.

We recommend trying out their moon rocks, which you can mix with some of their CBD products to get a cocktail of health and enjoyment. There are tons of flavors and strains to choose from.


When you spend more than $50, you get free shipping. You can return an unopened item within 30 days of receiving it. Every purchase gives back to veterans.

Customer reviews

People loved the high aroma you get from the moon rocks without feeling harsh on the throat. 5-star reviews are in the hundreds.

What we liked

  • A large variety of products and flavors
  • Noble mission and charity work
  • Premium quality hemp products

#20. CreatingBetterDays

Products: Tinctures, pet treats, gummies, roll-ons, and more.

CreatingBetterDays stands for kindness and helping you cope with the stress of everyday life. With their Delta 8 products, they manage to do just that, creating better days.

We suggest trying out their BetterDelights collection consisting of gummies and lollipops. These delicious treats are super potent and provide a long-lasting mild high.

The products are vegan, organic, GMO-free, and made with sustainable practices.


There are multiple shipping options depending on the price. You can get a refund or exchange on any unopened product within 30 days. Great rewards program if you register.

Customer reviews

Although there weren’t many reviews, customers loved the delicious tasting gummies coming in three fruity flavors.

What we liked

  • Great rewards program
  • A large variety of both CBD and Delta 8 products
  • Each product is third-party lab-tested

What To Look Before Buying Weed Online?


First of all, your Delta 8 should not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC to meet legal standards. The brands we presented here all meet that standard.

Another thing to look out for is the disclosure of what each product contains. You don’t want products that contain pesticides, heavy metals, cutting agents, or any unwanted artificial chemicals.

If you have dietary restrictions, many brands on our list are made vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and only contain natural flavors.

Lab testing and certifications

We only included brands that are transparent about what the raw hemp contains and what each product contains. Companies that disclose their test results from independent laboratories show that they believe in their products and have high standards.

This ensures the quality, safety, and potency of each product. We strongly encourage you to read up on lab results and do your research.

Variety in products and flavors

We made this comprehensive list with each user in mind. We feel like great Delta 8 companies should have something for everyone.

You will probably enjoy raw flowers, pre-rolls, cigarettes, and vapes if you’re a smoker. If you don’t like smoke and it’s harsh on your throat, you can consume Delta 8 through edibles, oils, and tinctures.

Some companies have a strong focus on fewer but high-quality products, and that’s okay too, but we feel like variety is always a plus.

Customer reviews and the brands’ reputation

One thing to always look out for when shopping for Delta 8 is what the customers are saying. Great positive reviews always back up brands that have built a reputation and established themselves in the market.

Reviews can give you insight into the quality of the product and service and how the product tastes, feels, and affects each person..

The benefits of using Delta 8 THC Weed

Thanks to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC is legal on the federal level. As long as the Delta 9 THC is under the threshold of 0.3%, you’re good to go. Smoking has never been safer and more accessible, and now you can enjoy cannabis worry-free.

  • A better alternative to cannabis

Delta 8 THC is often nicknamed diet weed. This is because it will still provide a pleasant and mild high without giving you nasty side effects like paranoia, anxiety, nausea, and more. Delta 8 is a great way for non-smokers to get into the cannabis world and experience weed without fear.

  • Health benefits

Even though Delta 8 is primarily used for recreational purposes, there are tons of reports of people using it for medicinal use.

Formal studies have not been conducted, and there is no definitive proof of the health benefits it provides. Still, just by reading reviews on the products, you realize that many people use them for medicinal purposes.

People report using Delta 8 for chronic pains, insomnia, depression, and more.

Why should you buy weed online?

Why not? Buying weed has never been easier. Delta 8 has brought convenience to every smoker.

Legally buying weed from the comfort of your own home and getting it delivered in a discreet package has been the dream of every stoner.

Not only that but, you can get all sorts of exciting products and do some experimenting with flavors. Be it gummies, tinctures, vapes, or plain old flowers, there are tons of ways to consume Delta 8, and you can find out which one works best for you.

FAQs on Buy Weed Online

Q. How long before Delta 8 THC kicks in?

Depending on the way you chose to consume Delta 8, it might take anywhere from seconds to hours. Using vapes and joints is usually the fastest way to feel the effects of Delta 8 THC.

When doing edibles, it might take anywhere from 1to3 hours before the effects kick in, and usually, the high you get from edibles is more mellow and long-lasting.

Q. Is Delta 8 the same as CBD?

Both Delta 8 and CBD are naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. However, these are not the same. CBD is mainly used for medicinal benefits, and you won’t get a high feeling from it. Delta 8, on the other hand, will get you high.

Q. Can you get the same high from Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Unfortunately, you can’t get the same feeling from Delta 8 as you would Delta 9. Delta 9 THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in weed that will get you feeling high.

With that being said, Delta 8 does get you high, only in a milder manner. Lots of people prefer Delta 8 because it has no negative side effects.

Final thoughts: Where to buy weed online?

We’ve gone over the Delta 8 world, what to look out for, how to do your research, and the potential of this fantastic new cannabinoid.

Our main recommendations would have to be brands like BudPop, Exhale Wellness, or Delta ExtraX. These brands should cover your needs in both quality and variety.

All that’s left for you is to start your Delta 8 journey and enjoy experimenting with different products that provide different experiences.


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