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Greene Concepts, Inc. has announced the launch of its new immune support CBD drink ‘Happy Mellow’. The drink comes in three Happy Mellow flavors, including “Be Well Blood Orange Acai,” “Be Energized Lemon Lime,” and “Be Calm Plum Punch.”

Happy Mellow drinks use a patented water-soluble technology to enhance the benefits of the product. Each drink contains cannabidiol (CBD), vitamin C, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D-3 for overall health. Consumers can purchase Happy Mellow drinks in a six-pack for $29.99.

“As consumer trends focus on health and wellness, Happy Mellow makes a great addition to our product portfolio. In addition to offering the health benefits of CBD, each drink contains a vitamin of immune support formulated to promote wellness for health-conscious consumers,” said Amy McNally, vice president of sales and marketing for Greene Concepts, Inc.

Image credit: Greene Concepts, Inc.

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