Innocan Pharma Is Reaching Close to 100% CBD Bioavailability In a Dog Clinical Study For its Proprietary LPT CBD Liposomal Delivery Platform

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Early results from a dog study showed near 100% bioavailability of CBD using Innocan’s LPT technology

This compares to a bioavailability of 6.5-20% in humans when administered orally

Herzliya, Israel and Calgary, Alberta–(Newsfile Corp. – August 11, 2022) – Innocan Pharma Corporation (CSE: INNO) (FSE: IP4) (OTCQB: INNPF) (the “Company” or “Innocan” ) is pleased to announce results approaching 100% bioavailability following subcutaneous injection of its proprietary CBD LPT delivery system in a clinical study conducted in dogs experiencing pain (compared to literature data after of intravenous administration1).

Oral administration of CBD by humans typically results in bioavailability levels of between 6.5 and 20% of the administered dose.

Bioavailability refers to the exposure to the drug in the bloodstream when administered extravascularly compared to the exposure obtained after intravenous administration, when normalized to the dose. The low oral bioavailability of CBD in humans (6.5%) is the result of first-pass metabolism in the liver and is considered variable and dependent on fasting/feeding conditions. 2.

Innocan’s unique LPT solution

By administering injectable CBD encapsulated in liposomes (the LPT platform), Innocan seeks to achieve long-lasting, therapeutic levels of CBD in the body. Innocan believes this will create a much more effective and prolonged therapeutic effect. Innocan conducted a series of experiments of its LPT platform in animals. These experiments have shown initial positive results, supporting the feasibility of Innocan’s intention to make CBD available to humans and animals for extended periods with a single injection. Innocan’s unique delivery method allows for sustained release of CBD into the bloodstream with improved pharmacokinetic (PK) performance. The research is conducted in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and indicates the potential of the company’s technology to deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream more effectively.

Professor Chezy Barenholz of the Hebrew University said: “One of the challenges of CBD treatments is its pharmacokinetic profile after oral administration which is characterized by low bioavailability and rapid elimination. Our preliminary data show that we can overcome these major hurdles using LPT technology and that is very encouraging.”

“It’s been a long time coming, and now Innocan is showing remarkable findings from its CBD bioavailability assay using LPT technology. We’re optimistic that this will be important information for both our shareholders and the scientific community,” said the CEO of Innocan. , Iris Bincovich.

Innocan is also pleased to announce the recent appointment of Roni Kamhi as a company officer in the role of Chief Operating Officer.

About Innocan

Innocan is a pharmaceutical technology company that operates under two main segments: Pharmacy and Consumer Welfare. In the pharmaceuticals segment, Innocan focuses on developing innovative drug delivery platform technologies incorporating cannabinoid science, to treat various conditions to improve patients’ quality of life. This segment includes two drug delivery technologies: (i) LPT CBD-loaded liposome platform that facilitates precise dosing and sustained, controlled release of CBD into the bloodstream. Research into the LPT delivery platform is in preclinical testing for two indications: epilepsy and pain management. (ii) CLX CBD-loaded exosomes platform that may have the potential to provide a highly synergistic effect of regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties targeting the Central Nervous System (CNS). In the Consumer Wellness segment, Innocan develops and markets a broad portfolio of innovative, high-performance self-care products to promote a healthier lifestyle. In this segment, Innocan has established a joint venture named BI Sky Global LTD that focuses on developing targeted advanced online sales.

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For Innocan Pharma Corporation:
Iris Bincovich, CEO
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Caution regarding forward-looking information

Certain information set forth in this press release, including, without limitation, information about research and development, collaborations, the filing of potential applications with the FDA and other regulatory authorities, the potential achievement of future regulatory milestones, the potential of treatment of conditions and other therapeutic effects derived from the company’s research activities and/or products, the necessary regulatory approvals and the time of market entry, is prospective information within the meaning of the applicable securities laws. By its nature, forward-looking information is subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, some of which are beyond Innocan’s control. The forward-looking information contained in this press release is based on certain expectations and key assumptions made by Innocan, including expectations and assumptions regarding the anticipated benefits of the products, the satisfaction of regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions and the successful completion of production agreements and necessary distribution. .

Forward-looking information is subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and experience to differ materially from the anticipated results or expectations expressed in this press release. Key risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: general global and local (domestic) economic, market and business conditions; governmental and regulatory requirements and actions of governmental authorities; and relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, customers, business partners and competitors. There are also risks inherent in the nature of product distribution, including import/export issues and the failure to obtain (or to do so in a timely manner) required regulatory and other approvals and availability in each market for inputs and finished products. products The expected timing of market entry may change for various reasons, including the inability to secure necessary regulatory requirements or the need for additional time to conclude and/or satisfy manufacturing and distribution agreements. As a result of the foregoing, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information contained in this news release regarding the timing of product distribution. A comprehensive discussion of other risks affecting Innocan can also be found in Innocan’s public reports and documents which are available on Innocan’s profile at

Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information, as actual results may differ materially from the forward-looking information. Innocan undertakes no obligation to update, correct or revise any forward-looking information as a result of any new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law.

Samara E, Bialer M, Mechoulam R. Pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol in dogs. Drug Metab Dispos. (1988) 16:469-72.

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