Ireland Baldwin Puts On A Literal Smokeshow To Celebrate CBD Day

model Ireland Baldwin she’s putting on a literal smoke show… and she’s not even wearing a bikini to do it!

The 26-year-old daughter of the “Batman” actress. Kim Basinger and the “30 Rock” actor. Alec Baldwin is celebrating International CBD Day by posting a sultry video of herself smoking for her Instagram followers.

Ireland Baldwin is ‘sensually smoking hot’ on International CBD Day

In the photo, the aspiring writer has her ginger hair pulled back from her face as she poses for the camera in a black top with a plunging forehead. Ireland takes a slow puff, letting the smoke blow in the wind.

“Happy International CBD Day!” he wrote in the caption. “I have a very exciting announcement coming up @trueindoorcbd soon, but in the meantime, use code IrelandCBD15 to get a discount and stock up on all your favourites. I can’t live without these prerolls and neither should you ✨.”

Alexa Ray Joel commented: “Oh Sultry! ✨.” Roux called it a “Twin Peaks moment.” Sunny Mabrey said she was giving off “early 90s vibes 😍.” Another follower wrote, “She looks gorgeous girl! 🤗.” Other fans called her “beautiful” and “stunning”.

“Definitely smoking hot🔥🔥🔥,” another fan joked.

Ireland Baldwin shares advice for people who have never tried cannabis

Instagram | Ireland Baldwin

In an interview with Forbes, Ireland shared his history with cannabis and gave some advice to people who have never tried marijuana before. As most fans might have suspected, Ireland claims that her parents, Alec and Kim, “were not smokers.”

“I grew up in a very holistic, very hippie household,” Ireland explained. “My parents weren’t smokers or anything, but a lot of the people I was influenced by and the people I grew up with were very holistic and always used cannabis as a remedy for a lot of things.”

Ireland BaldwinInstagram | Ireland Baldwin

While he was experimenting with different things, he said he “had such a bad experience, most of my life, with edibles. I’ve always associated [them]I have in my mind… only the worst,” she said, often becoming paranoid when she tried it.

After trying different ones, Ireland said, “I realized that edibles have the ability to make me feel the way they do, helping my anxiety and helping me with so many different things.”

Ireland BaldwinInstagram / irelandirelandireland

When it comes to trying cannabis for the first time, Ireland said the most important thing is to ask questions. “I think a lot of people are afraid to ask questions, afraid to be vulnerable in that way or learn something,” she explained. “Coming from someone who has tried everything, I think it’s very, very important that people ask questions.”

Ireland, who has been open about her struggles with anxiety, said she doesn’t experience those same jittery feelings when she ingests cannabis.

Ireland BaldwinMEGA

“Even when I was high, thinking I could handle it, I never had an anxiety attack, which is huge for me, because I have an anxiety disorder,” she explained. “That’s part of the reason I do weed.”

“It’s helped my anxiety a lot. I can’t even tell you,” she continued. “Nothing makes me feel so relaxed and in control, because I hate feeling out of control. Even when I’m drunk. I can’t even explain it to people, they just don’t get it.”

Ireland says cannabis helps improve his creativity

at the premiere of 'Justin Bieber: Seasons'MEGA

In addition to being a model, Ireland is also a writer and claims that cannabis has helped open up a “different realm” of her creativity.

“Cannabis has helped me a lot in terms of creativity and opening up a different part of my mind and understanding,” he explained. “Sometimes it just opens up a different realm of creativity.”

“That’s also such a wonderful thing about cannabis… I think if you allow it, it can really unlock a lot of insecurity within you,” she added. “You can discard that insecurity and unlock that creative person inside of you.”

at the official premiere of Justin Bieber: SeasonsMEGA

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, Ireland says the prejudice against cannabis is “disengaging”.

“I think the prejudice [against cannabis] it’s really old school, and that’s dying out a little bit,” he said. “I think people are definitely becoming more open to the possibilities of what cannabis can do for you.”

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