Jay-Z’s Cannabis Brand Launches Line of ‘Light Strain’ Products

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TPCO Holding Corp’s MONOGRAM, Jay-Z’s cannabis brand, has launched No.08 – its first-ever light strain.

Pungent and euphoric

A completely new blend unlike any of MONOGRAM’s other strains, No.08 is a pungent strain that delivers strong diesel and earthy notes. When smoked, it brings a relaxing head calm that smoothly transforms to a tranquil, full-body euphoria. No.08 is available now in the brand’s Loosies, 2g flower and 4g flower product types.

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“The launch of No.08 flower and loosies is particularly exciting because it is MONOGRAM’s first light strain – giving our consumers the opportunity to experience MONOGRAM cannabis in a whole new way,” Deandre Watson, MONOGRAM’s culture and cultivation ambassador told Benzinga. “We spent a lot of time testing and perfecting No.08 to create an earthy smoke that hits quick and has a really mellow and light vibe, and is made with the same dedication to quality and culture as all our MONOGRAM products.” 

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More about MONOGRAM

MONOGRAM flower is grown in small batches to maintain control and quality. Each flower is hand-selected and hand-finished by MONOGRAM experts to ensure a premium experience from grow to smoke. The packaging for MONOGRAM 2g and 4g flower keeps the cannabis fresh and protected from UV light. Each Loosies pre-roll pack contains four 0.4g prerolls that have been individually wrapped.

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