Level Select CBD claims 2022 East Coast Gold Cup Championship title

Level Select CBD claims 2022 East Coast Gold Championship title in unforgettable fashion

Joaquin Panelo (right), the Level Select CBD star six goalkeeper who was named the most valuable player of the match, takes on Robi Bilbao, the powerful five goalkeeper of La Fe in the Gold Cup final of the East Coast 2022 last Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Claudia Suica)

By Liz Leamy

Last Sunday, Level Select CBD of Barton Farms in Dutchess County, New York topped La Fe of Wellington, Florida 6-5 to claim the 2022 East Coast Gold Cup 16-goal championship title with stellar style.

Playing in front of nearly 5,000 spectators, these two formidable 15-goal teams, who qualified for the final by amassing the most points among the four total entries that make up the East Coast Gold Cup roster of 2022, they ran evenly in scoring until the final 40 seconds. of the sixth (final) chukker when Level Select’s number three player Joaquín Panelo scored the winning goal for his contingent to put them at the top of the standings.

Panelo, the electric Argentine six-keeper who has helped catapult Level Select CBD into the limelight at Greenwich Polo Club’s high-scoring stage this season, put the proverbial pedal to the metal, flying around of the extensive field of Conyers Farm around it. sneak charge with great skill, power and strength.

Named the match’s Most Valuable Player, Panelo worked in stylish and tactical concert with his talented team of teammates, including Ezequiel Ferrario, the fierce Argentina six-keeper, Enrique Zavaleta, the speedy Argentina three, and Max Gundlach, the number one player with turbo (Andrew Gundlach, the patron of the team who shares the number one position with his son, Max and is ranked “A”, also had a strong presence in this final.)

For Level Select CBD players, this game was as challenging as it was satisfying.

“La Fe was very tough and we tried to stay focused and do our best,” said Joaquin Panelo, whose team claimed the 2022 East Coast Silver Cup title and first honors in the 2022 East Coast Bronze Cup tournament in Greenwich. Polo Club at the beginning of the season. “It was a good match. We came out here and we just wanted to go all out.”

The teamwork ethos has certainly played a big part in Level Select CBD’s results so far this season, with its five members said to spend hours training every day together on and off the field , an effort that has clearly created a strong bond between all of them. of them.

“It’s been about building a team through friendship and togetherness,” said Level Select CBD’s Enrique Zavaleta. “Union is everything. Everyone works hard in practice to try to be the best they can be.”

Adding to the excitement of the day, Joaquín Panelo’s magnificent charge, GT Lagonhia, was awarded the best playing pony citation.

At the same time, the efforts and skills of the La Fe contingent were also admirable.

This Florida-based team, whose squad consisted of Lucas Diaz Alberdi, the powerful six-goaler from Argentina, Robi Bilbao, the high-energy five-goaler from Argentina, Augstin Palomeque, the solid four-goaler from Argentina and Louis Devaleix , the team player. patron who has an “A” ranking, has maneuvered the field with experience and commands a high debut goal contingent.
Without a doubt, this day turned out to be a win for everyone, especially for the spectators.

“These two teams played an incredible game and it was exciting to see them out there,” said Chris Frattaroli, a Greenwich resident who is president of the renowned Frattaroli Development Group LLC based in the city that also specializes in residential and commercial buildings. as home design. “It’s been a great afternoon.”

Others agreed.

“It’s great to be here. “Polo has been amazing and it’s nice to see animals as part of a sport,” said Tamara Yakubova of Brooklyn, a New York City-based real estate agent who was attending her first match at the Greenwich Polo Club. There is so much presence in being here. It’s very social and interactive for the spectators who get to step on the divots during the break, which is great and a lot of fun too.”

The involvement of everyone in the match, including spectators, players, horses, staff, vendors, business partners and everyone else has undoubtedly been the key to the success, magic and stellar reputation of Greenwich Polo Club, which was established in 1981. by Peter Brant.

“This is a fabulous place in every way. It’s so beautiful, dynamic and unique,” said Elisa Weber, senior sales associate at Gretchen Scott, the popular women’s brand whose dresses, tops and tunics center around of a “chic, cheerful, playful and fun” concept with four retail stores based around the East Coast, including one in the city at 73 Greenwich Ave. (Gretchen Scott also had a retail tent at the Greenwich Polo Club last Sunday which was a huge hit with many of the spectators.) “This is great exposure for [Gretchen Scott’s] store and it’s been great to be here.”

Others agreed.

“I love the whole atmosphere here. Being so close to the field also makes you feel like you’re part of the game,” said Evelin Solonynka of Stamford, who works with The Cup Bearer, the popular cocktail vendor at the Greenwich Polo Club which is a full service cocktail catering company based. of Fairfield County. “It is a unique and fantastic experience to be here. The players and horses are amazing, the setting is beautiful and everyone is so nice. I’m always smiling.”

Public Sunday matches will resume at Greenwich Polo Club on August 28 with the start of the 2022 US Polo Association East Coast Open 20-goal championships.

For more information, go to www.greenwichpoloclub.com

Level Select CBD’s Ezequiel Ferrario and Joaquin Panelo (left), both six keepers, take on Lucas Diaz Alberdi, La Fe’s ferocious six keeper in the East Coast Gold Cup 2022 final. Panelo is riding GT Lagonhia who was named best playing pony of the match. (Photo by Claudia Suica)

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