Marijuana Will Soon Be Legal In Connecticut. But Don’t Try To Buy Any In One Waterbury Suburb. – WSHU

At least one town in Connecticut won’t join the rest of the state in allowing recreational marijuana stores.

Prospect is a conservative-leaning suburb of Waterbury, in the state’s Naugatuck Valley. Town officials voted unanimously to block retail sales at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. 

“I’m totally against this coming in,” said Prospect resident Rich Blank at the meeting. “I’m totally against the law being passed, even, but I have no say in that of course. I just don’t want to see it get into the hands of kids. It’s gonna be a total mess, and it’s just something they’re doing for money. And I just don’t agree with it.”

Prospect and other towns can opt out of marijuana retail under the law signed by Governor Ned Lamont this week. But cities and towns can’t penalize marijuana use itself.

Mayor Robert Chatfield, a first responder, told the commission he’s worried marijuana will lead to fatal car accidents.

“Somebody’ll buy it in another town, and I’m afraid we’re going to see motor vehicle deaths or accidents because people are high driving when they shouldn’t be. So anything you can do to keep the sales out of town, I support whatever you’re doing,” Chatfield said.

Marijuana will remain illegal for people under 21, but Chatfield said he worries adults will buy it for younger people.

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