MedMen Fenway is something to celebrate in Boston

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Presented ByMedMen November 19, 2021

MedMen is coming to 120 Brookline Ave.

Red Sox fans are getting a little more red in the neighborhood soon: That’s right, MedMen Fenway is almost here.

MedMen is a premium cannabis dispensary with a fleet of locations in multiple states across the country. Now it’s bringing its vision of offering high-quality products in an accessible environment meant to help de-stigmatize cannabis to Massachusetts.

The first MedMen location to come to the Bay State finds its home in a 7,500 square foot retail space on Brookline Ave in Boston, a stone’s throw from Fenway Park. MedMen’s gained a reputation for its welcoming spaces where products are thoughtfully organized and often color-coded by effect to bring new customers into the experience of discovering the right cannabis for them. 

The Budtenders at MedMen locations are known for their knowledge and for a genuine interest in connecting customers with the best products to live happier, healthier lives with the help of cannabis. MedMen Fenway will create a great, new opportunity for folks in Boston to get welcoming access to some of the best the cannabis industry has to offer.

Check back here to find updates on when doors officially open on this exciting, new, first-in-the-state location so you can shop all the goodness that MedMen has to offer in Boston.

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