Minister reviews progress on CBD, Ravi projects

LAHORE: Punjab Provincial Minister for Housing, Public Health and Engineering Urban Development Mian Aslam Iqbal met with the Chief Executive Officer of Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) and the Authority of Ravi Urban Development (RUDA) Imran Amin to discuss the progress of Pakistan’s first business the district known as Punjab Central Business District (CBD Punjab) and Ravi Riverfront project here on Wednesday.

Housing Secretary Punjab Shakeel Ahmed, COO LCBDDA and RUDA Brigadier (R) Mansoor Janjua, LCBDDA Commercial Executive Director Muhammad Omer and RUDA Commercial Executive Director Kashif Qureshi were also present during the meeting.

The Director General of LCBDDA and RUDA gave an overview of the ongoing and past activities that have done wonders in terms of wealth generation for the development of Punjab. The Minister of Housing has also been informed of the upcoming future projects of both administrations that will be a great contribution to the development of the province.

The minister lauded the pace of development work and assured the Punjab government’s full support for the completion of the projects. He said that the government was well aware of the importance of CBD Punjab and RUDA in the development of the province. Uplifting and improving the public sector is the top priority of the government, he added.

The Punjab government has instructed all the affected departments to ensure public relief. The monitoring mechanism of ongoing projects in Punjab is a glaring proof that the provincial government is committed to providing maximum relief to the general public, he concluded.

LWMC starts campaign against illegal dumping: Enforcement Wing of Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has started a campaign against illegal dumping of waste on city roads.

The drive was started on the instructions of LWMC CEO Rafia Haider. He said the company should follow zero tolerance against illegal dumping of garbage on roads. Rafia Haider gave standing instructions to take strict action against illegal dumping around the drains. He said enforcement teams were active in the field throughout the day.

In the last 15 days, enforcement teams have completed record inspections of more than 3,854 sites during which 536 complaints were issued for littering and illegal dumping on roads, while a fine of 1, 15 million rupees for violation of the Local Government Act. During the campaign, 1,500 warning notices were also issued for minor offences.

Rafia Haider added that it was important to avoid illegal dumping and dumping of garbage on the roads to keep the drain loose during the monsoon rains. Immediate action was being taken against illegal dumpers. The CEO of the company asked the citizens to refrain from violating the Local Government Act to avoid any kind of action and in case of any complaint citizens can always call LWMC helpline 1139 or use social networks.

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