Mother-Daughter Duo Pilot Same Flight Together, Internet Overwhelmed

Daughter Kelly also fell in love with flying when she was 14 and followed in her mother’s footsteps.

In a dream-come-true moment, a mother-daughter duo teamed up to fly Southwest Airlines and photos of the heartwarming moment have gone viral on social media. Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt are Southwest Airlines’ first mother-daughter pilot pair, according to a statement from southwest. The airline has posted about them on their social networks. Holly and Keely flew together on Flight 3658 from Denver to St Louis on July 23, he added.

The moment Captain Holly introduced his daughter to the flight’s passengers was caught on camera and broadcast Good morning America on Tuesday.

The video begins with the duo holding an old photograph in a frame inside the flight while the text reads, “POV: You become the first mother-daughter duo in Southwest.”

“Today is a special day for me. I’d like to introduce you to your first officer, a new member of the Southwest pilot team, and my daughter, Keely,” Capt. Holly said in the video , as reported. people

He later said in a statement: “It’s been a dream come true. First, I found this career and fell in love with it, and then one of my kids fell in love with this career as well. It’s surreal . . .

Seconds New York Post, Captain Holly began his aviation career as a flight attendant right out of college. In time, he realized he wanted to be a pilot. He took his flying lessons when Kelly was just over two years old. She has two other children, but family pressure didn’t stop Captain Holly from pursuing her dream.

He has been on the job for 18 years, and now his daughter has been added.

Kelly also fell in love with flying when she was 14 and followed in her mother’s footsteps. After getting his pilot’s license, he interned at Southwest Airlines in 2017 and there was no looking back after that.

“Southwest was always the ultimate goal for me. There was never really any other option,” she told People.

In the now-viral video, both mother and daughter are seen carrying their luggage and wearing the same pilot uniform. Together, they are also seen in the cabin. As the clip ends, they are seen shaking hands with each other.

Since it was shared, the video has accumulated more than 2.79 thousand likes and more than 24,000 likes so far. Users were amazed at the success of the daughter and left good comments in the comment section of the post.

“Wahoo! We should have another father/daughter duo here in a few years! Our daughter just finished her first year in the 225 program,” one user wrote, while another said: ” Wow! I would have loved to be her. passenger.”

A third user commented: “Congratulations to Keely/Keely’s mom, well done.”

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