NFL World Reacts To Troy Aikman, Joe Buck Rehearsal News


Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will make their ESPN debuts later this season.

ESPN aired an NFL preseason game earlier this month, although Buck and Aikman were not on the call.

Pro Football Talk revealed that Buck and Aikman were having a tryout, instead.

“We’re told Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are in Seattle, rehearsing. Which makes sense. After 20 years together, they probably need a tune-up before they make their ESPN debut,” reports PFT.

Buck and Aikman will make their ESPN regular season debuts.

They had been doing games for Fox Sports for over a decade.

“Based on the usual sloppiness at FOX, they probably needed some practice to toughen up their performance for ESPN, especially Troy Boy,” one fan speculated.

“Pre-season everyone…” added another fan.

“They are definitely pretending to be other announcers just to spice things up,” one fan added.

This fall will be different, that’s for sure.

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