Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil Reviews

Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil is a daily supplement that helps consumers improve their health while reaping all the benefits it can provide. The formula is safe to mix into another liquid, and the creators use only natural and organic ingredients.

What is Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil?

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill created an opportunity for researchers to dive into CBD, as they were recently able to obtain it from hemp. These remedies have become increasingly popular as consumers learn more about the remedy. Many supplement brands have tried to learn more about CBD, which is why Palmetto Harmony has its own CBD hemp oil available right now.

The Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil uses MCT carrier oil to make the remedy more consumer-friendly. The formula provides users with incredible cannabinoids in every serving, ensuring that they get just as much of the benefits of CBD as any other cannabinoid that goes into this formula. As effective as the purification process is, the creators only remove the THC. There are other terpenes and cannabinoids left that can be incredibly useful for highs, and consumers have additives or artificial ingredients to worry about.

All of the ingredients used by Palmetto Harmony are completely organic, meaning that consumers will only get exactly what they bought the formula for. The Palmetto Harmony CBD is full spectrum, allowing users to get the effects that hemp offers without losing much of the nutrients included. Plus, everything is made in the United States.

Users can either fill the included dropper or use a syringe to measure for the full dose. The dropper is equal to a standard amount, although some consumers need less and others may need more. Although the makers of Palmetto Harmony CBD OIl do their best to filter out THC, federal law allows up to 0.3% THC to still be included. Consumers concerned about their possible THC intake should be careful when taking a drug test, as it is common for traces to still appear.

How is Palmetto Harmony CBD hemp oil different from other brands?

The main difference between this CBD oil and others is the source: Palmetto Harmony. This brand is one American hemp brand based in South Carolina. They grow all hemp plants on their premises, preparing their own extracts for bottling and distribution. The Palmetto Harmony company can only do all of these things because of vertical integration, which allows them to manage each area of ​​the supply chain independently.

While the creators of Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil handle every part of the process, they provide transparency in their exclusive testing. Also, once they’ve tried your products, they also use a third party lab to test the product to make sure they are as effective as they say The creators emphasize the importance of transparency, a feat that not all brands prioritize.

Users only need to measure 30ml of CBD Palmetto Harmony Oil to get the desired effects. This formula features only organic hemp flower extract and organic MCT oil in each bottle. Users who purchase the orange flavor will also get organic orange oil and organic stevia extract powder to sweeten the flavor.

Ingredients included in CBD oil Palmetto Harmony

Orange Harmony: Organic Coconut MCT Oil and Organic Hemp Flower, Organic Orange Oil, Organic Stevia Extract Powder
Original Harmony: Organic MCT oil is from hemp flower extract and organic coconut

About Harmony

Harmony, sometimes called Palmetto Harmony on the official website it is a family business. The whole business centers around the boy it was named after, who was born with a disease that causes many seizures. At the time, seizures were not treatable by the available products manufactured by modern medicine.

Janel Ralph, Harmony’s mother, decided to seek treatment so that her daughter would not suffer constantly. His discovery led to the creation of Palmetto Harmony and the founding of Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC in 2015. He created the Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil product line and CBD Hemp Oil to help consumers regulate their bodies. Their work with the company allowed Harmony’s brothers and father to join the team, allowing it to be primarily family-run.

Through the work that Janel and her family have done, Harmony is able to live a safer and healthier life as her family has become even closer than before. Along with the CBD hemp oil offered here, consumers can purchase Palmetto Harmony CBD vape oils, CBD Gummies, CBD Skin Care Products, CBD for PetsCBD balms, CBD gift sets and more.

Buy Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil

The only way consumers can purchase Palmetto Harmony CBD oil is on the official website, choosing between the original or orange flavor. Flavor selection has no impact on CBD oil container size. Users can also choose the size of the bottle, offering three sizes. Each bottle of Palmetto Harmony CBD oil contains 20 mg of CBD per ml.

Choose between:

30 ml for $79.99 100 ml for $184.99 32 oz. for $999.99

Users who want to commit to regular shipments of Palmetto CBD Hemp Oil can subscribe to get a 30% discount on every purchase.

Additional products

Users can measure CBD hemp oil with the included dropper, but some prefer a more precise measurement. The makers of Palmetto Harmony allow users to purchase a separate oral dispenser, which includes an Adaptacap (a replacement cap for the bottle). This cap allows consumers to measure the oil.

The Adaptacap and oral dispenser cost $1.50, which can be added to the user’s cart with purchase.

Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can consumers order Palmetto Harmony CBD Hemp Oil?

A. Consumers must visit the official Palmetto Harmony website to make a purchase.

Q. How quickly do shipments of CBD hemp oil arrive?

A. Most orders are shipped the next business day, but consumers can check their order status on the official website.

Q. What is Palmetto Harmony’s return policy?

A. Consumers must return their formula within one week of purchase for a refund.

Q. Will users need a prescription or medical marijuana card to purchase Palmetto Harmony CBD hemp oil?

A. No. Each Palmetto Harmony CBD formula is completely legal and complies with Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. None of their CBD formulas contain THCmeaning that users will not experience any sensation of feeling “high”.

Q. Will users have to worry about chemicals or perfumes added to CBD balms?

A. No. All Palmetto Harmony is made with organic ingredients, ensuring that consumers are at no risk. The creators even joke that the cleaning of the ingredients is so effective that anyone could consume it without concern.

Q. What is MCT?

A. MCT is short for medium chain triglycerides. It is used to make oil.

Q. How should Harmony Palmetto CBD Oil Formula be stored?

A. Each product is different. Consumers should follow the instructions on the box.

The customer service team can be contacted weekly from 9:00am to 5:00pm by phone at:

Phone Support: 843-331-1246 Email Support:


Harmony CBD Hemp Oil offers users a way to try this cannabinoid in the safety of their homes. All product lab tests can be found on the official website, which has undergone internal and third-party testing. The creators meet the requirements of federal law, avoiding claims that CBD cures or treats any disease.

As a family-owned and operated company, consumers who purchase a Palmetto Harmony CBD product will also be contributing to efforts to support their daughter, who the company was inspired by.

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