Police called to reports of a woman being ‘forced’ into a car in Auckland’s CBD

A police spokesman said they had received one


A police spokesman said they had received a “couple” of reports that a woman had been “forced” into a vehicle in the High St/Victoria St area on Sunday morning, but did not locate anyone or anything .

A woman was reportedly “forced” into a vehicle by up to two men in broad daylight on a central Auckland street.

Police received reports of the incident in the High St/Victoria St area, involving “one of two” men, at around 10.30am on Sunday, a spokesman said.

Police found no one when they arrived.

Information about the vehicle was passed on to officers to be on the lookout and further inquiries were being made, the spokesman said.

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A witness who has lived in the CBD for years and wished to remain anonymous for his safety said they were walking along Jean Batten Place when a car “zoomed” down the one-way road in the wrong direction and “went fly” to the top. St – the driver making “a lot of racket” as they went.

The witness said they then saw a man get out of a hatchback, run down Vulcan Lane and return with what appeared to be a mannequin under his arm, before realizing it was a woman.

“The guy was literally foaming at the mouth,” and they believed he had taken something.

The witness said a small group of people saw the man allegedly try to “pin” the woman into the car, as she leaned against it, before forcing her inside.

Then the car took off, they said.

The local said CBD residents were feeling “very vulnerable at the moment”: “It’s getting to us… the brazenness”.

“It’s one thing to rob a luxury store in the middle of the night” and quite another for something like this to happen, they said.

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