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MILFORD — A day after allegedly stealing a handgun and shooting it during a Christmas night marijuana deal, police say a New Haven fired the weapon again — to kill the man he stole it from.

The details come from an arrest warrant charging 25-year-old Terrance Allen with murder, criminal possession of a firearm, and tampering with evidence in the fatal 2020 shooting of Joshwua Figueroa, 27, at the Town Fair Tire on Boston Post Road in Orange.

Figueroa was a native of Puerto Rico and lifelong New Haven resident who graduated from Hillhouse High School, according to his obituary.

According to the warrant, written by Orange Police Detective Jason Menga, multiple witnesses told police that Allen shot Figueroa in the garage of the business before saying “I had no choice” and that Figueroa had pulled a gun on him. He fled the scene but police later arrested him at a Branford hotel.

Allen was working at the business when, according to police, Figueroa went there to confront him about the incident the night before, which occurred on Elliott Street in New Haven.

A co-worker of Allen’s had acted as intermediary in a deal for Allen to buy marijuana from Figueroa Christmas night, according to the warrant. During the deal, Allen allegedly later told police, Figueroa was passing around a gun, showing it off.

Allen “stated that he needed the gun more than Figueroa needed it, so when the gun was passed to him, he took it and started to walk away,” according to the warrant.

When Figueroa and Allen’s co-worker yelled after him to give it back, he told police, he fired the gun in their direction and ran away.

He said he kept the weapon on him while going to work the next morning.

When Figueroa showed up to the tire shop about 8:45 a.m., Allen told police, he “looked into Figueroa’s eyes” and “saw that he was hesitant to do anything inside the garage, but thought that if they went outside to talk, that Figueroa would shoot him.”

Then, he told police, he said he saw Figueroa start to reach for his jacket pocket and “believed Figueroa was thinking ‘I want to do him right now,’” but was mindful of the people and cameras around, according to the warrant.

During an interview with cops, “Allen explained in detail about how he would shoot someone” before eventually claiming self-defense, the warrant said.

“Allen explained that he would go there wearing a mask where only his eyes would show,” the warrant said. “Then he would not be playing around and would shoot the person right away, and that Figueroa should have shot him first.”

“Allen stated that what should have happened did not happen,” the warrant said. “Allen stated that Figueroa ‘(expletive) up the element of surprise, so now he gave me mine.’ According to Allen, through Figueroa’s hesitation, he found the opportunity to defend myself.”

An autopsy later determined Figueroa died of gunshot wounds to the head and torso.

Allen has been in custody since a day after the shooting on a probation violation charge, but was only formally charged with murder in Figueroa’s death last month.

He was due to appear at Superior Court in Milford Tuesday, but the case was continued to Feb. 2. He does not yet have a lawyer representing him in the case.

Allen is being held in lieu of bonds totaling more than $1 million at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield.

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