Public swarm alleged Auckland CBD robber in lead up to arrest

Quick actions from the public led police to capture one of a group of suspected armed robbers in Auckland’s CBD, says the onlooker who provided footage of the incident.

The video, provided by an eyewitness, shows three people running towards a waiting car before it drives away.

The onlooker, who wishes to remain anonymous, said one member of the group of alleged criminals appeared to have been left behind by the fleeing vehicle during the confusion.

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Realizing his mistake, he said the fleeing car came back for the person.

“These guys were pretty scared at this stage, they were starting to panic, they’ve lost one of their mates and the (group of) audience was getting pretty big.”

But the alleged offender was prevented from leaving after being dragged away by around 50 members of the public, who formed a semi-circle.

“I praised the crowd, it was pretty good, they didn’t have it, there was no way I was going anywhere.”

The group quickly surrendered and left the venue without their escort, who was detained by a security guard before being handed over to the police who arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

He said the crowd’s anger was obvious, with some heard hurling insults at the alleged offender.

“What were they thinking, this kind of thing, on a Saturday, in a street full of people in broad daylight… I think that’s what made everyone work.

“It was like these punks can’t do these things anymore, New Zealand is not that kind of place.”

He said the attempted robbery at the high-end watch store, The Hourglass, happened around 3.35pm.

Police confirmed they attended a robbery on Queen St.

One patient with moderate injuries was taken to Auckland Hospital by ambulance, St John said.

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