Rose Los Angeles CBD Gummies Help Me Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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My bedtime routine starts with candy. Every night, before I even put on my pajamas, I reach for a box of Roses Hibiscus Delights. Gummies inspired by Turkish delight each have 10 milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol), and while not marketed as a sleep aid, Rose Los Angeles’s jams help me relax into a deep sleep and quiet. As a light sleeper and former insomniac, I’ve tried many methods to get myself to sleep, including melatonin, warm milk with honey, and even buying new pillows. None have been as effective as good old CBD.

I first tried CBD-infused candies last summer when a friend who was experimenting with homemade edibles gave me some to try. I took one before bed with no expectations and found myself sleeping a blissful 10 hours. Not even the New York City traffic and sirens from the fire station across the street woke me up. When I heard about Rose Los Angeles on an episode of gastropodI knew I had to try the company’s products, and I haven’t looked back since.

Rose Hibiscus CBD Delights

Flavored with rose water and hibiscus powder, the Rose Hibiscus delights they’re floral and slightly tart, with bright, fruity notes reminiscent of pomegranate and blueberry, like a fun cocktail you’d drink during happy hour. Each pastel pink box is filled with 20 neatly cut candies, all lightly dusted with tapioca starch and powdered sugar. While most edible companies use distilled THC or CBD to make their products, Rose makes her rosin candy from organically grown whole cannabis flowers that she extracts in-house using a hydraulic press.

In the Gastropod episode, Rose Los Angeles founder Nathan Cozzolino describes the conventional process, which involves rinsing cannabis flowers with ethanol or butane before refining them into a distillate, as a “destroying many of the plant’s natural chemical compounds.” According to Rose’s site, their method of extracting rosin from flowers between two slightly heated plates helps “preserve the plant’s natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial chemical compounds.” They say that as a result their products provide a more dynamic and therapeutic experience.

Rose describes itself as an ingredient-driven company; they source their ingredients directly from local farmers and from their own farm in Penn Valley, California, and work closely with chefs to create seasonal edibles that are available for a limited time. Other products include the Apple Ume Ginger and Deep Sleep, a vanilla flavored gum made with sweet and tart blackberries.

In the past, the company has also collaborated with chefs Enrique Olvera, Natasha Pickowicz and former Bon Appétit editor Andy Baraghani on limited-edition flavors. With ingredients like foraged mushrooms, Meyer lemons and mezcal-poached pears, their products sound more like a farm-to-table menu and are every bit as delicious as you’d expect them to be. One of my favorites, the Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong Delightsit is made in collaboration with baker and artist Lexie Park and contains two types of gummies. The former is scented with bergamot and made with California oranges, grapefruit and lemons, and the latter is a sweet, earthy oolong. Eaten together, the two marshmallows evoke the experience of enjoying a bubble tea with fruit. But the spicy and floral Rose Hibiscus Delights are my favorite flavor and the edibles I keep coming back to. The only thing more delicious than their gummies? The eight uninterrupted hours of sleep I get every night after my bedtime snack.

Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong CBD Delights

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