Sports & Active Nutrition Summit to focus on CBD, esports, personalized nutrition and more –

A leading session of the event, which is scheduled for February 14-16, will focus on the proper place of CBD in sports nutrition.  As a result of a federal regulatory logjam, CBD still occupies a legal limbo.  But that hasn’t stoped formulators and marketers from bringing an almost dizzying array of products to market.

Why sports nutrition firms should care about CBD

In the sports nutrition sphere, advocates say CBD can help with recovery, manage post exercise inflammation and even help ameliorate the effects of traumatic brain injury.  But what does the science actually say about this popular ingredient? Expert speakers will delve into this question as well as the trends in product formulation.  Another speaker will lay out the pitfalls in finding secure, quality sources of raw material.

Attendees at the event will hear from CEOs of startup brands such as Daniel Lourenco of Ghost Nutrition and Rob Wildman, PhD, of Tym Performance.  Attendees will gain insights on what challenges these brands face and how best to serve their needs from a supplier perspective.

Reaching consumers on a personal level

Another focus of the event will be the role of personalized nutrition in the sports product sphere.  Companies have taken different approaches to this in the past, from gathering information via basic questionnaires all the way up to complex — and expensive — biometric testing.  What has worked and what hasn’t? Dr. Ali Mostashari for  will explain his proprietary platform that uses artificial intelligence to find the best personalized nutrition fit for consumers.  Joining Mostashari on a panel will be Diana Morgan, MS, of the fast growing brand Care/Of to detail how her company took a different approach to personalized nutrition success.

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