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Staring sleeplessly at your bedroom ceiling when all you want is to be asleep is just the worst. But no more: Neurogan has continued a long-held Scandinavian tradition of cultivating nutrient-rich hemp, and its collection of CBD and CBN gummies and oils can help you achieve consistently restful slumber. However, if you find out CBD just isn’t your thing, Neurogan also offers a risk-free 30-days full refund together with free shipping.

A great option for CBD newbies is gummies. These include melatonin—a popular sleeping aid. Pop one of these delish wildberry-flavored gummies an hour before bedtime to help you gently drift into dreamland.

Another option is CBN gummies. CBN is a different cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that has more sleep-inducing power than its CBD counterpart. These watermelon and wild berries gummies will help you unwind for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re an experienced CBD user, this CBN oil lets you customize your nighttime dose. Just add a few drops of this citrus-flavored oil under your tongue to your evening routine.

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