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CBD has made a huge splash since its legalization with the 2018 Farm Bill. The initial CBD to hit the market was typically an isolate (essentially pure CBD with very few other chemical compounds). As more formulations of CBD have been developed, there’s been a boom in different types of CBD, including full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum CBD includes other chemical compounds, like CBN, terpenes, and even THC (though not in a large enough volume to induce psychoactive effects). With all of these naturally occurring compounds, the positive effects of CBD tend to be increased – it’s the perfect example of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. If you’re already a fan of CBD, or if you tried CBD and didn’t really feel an effect, check out cbdMD’s full-spectrum products.

This oil comes in natural or mint chocolate flavor. It’s super easy to ingest by dropping directly into your mouth, but you can also add it to a beverage or food – adding a drop or two of the natural flavor to your coffee is a game changer for your day. Choose from three concentrations for your perfect dose.

Need something more grab-and-go? These softgels have a pre-measured dose of 33 mg per gel.

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