Warmer with mix of sun and clouds in Connecticut ahead of workweek rain

August 14, 2022 at 11:29 amUpdated 4 hours ago

For: News 12 Staff

NEWS: Mixture of sun and clouds today with more humidity.

WHAT’S NEXT: There are some chances for rain this week, but most of the rain is heading toward New England.

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Justin Godynick says Sunday will see a mix of sun and clouds, as well as warmer temperatures, before rain returns for the work week.

TODAY: Sun and clouds, a wetter spot. Low and mid 80s highs.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy, warm and muggy. Leave over 60 years old.

MONDAY: Partly sunny, a few showers in the afternoon, mostly dry. Highs on both sides of 80.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy and cooler, chance of showers especially in the east. Highs above 70.

WEDNESDAY: Chance of showers in the morning, then some sunshine. Highs around 80.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, milder. Highs in the mid 80s.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny, warmer. Maximum 85-90.

SUNDAY: A chance of thunderstorms in the evening, with a high near 90.

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