Woman fled to CT with dog after calling off wedding

GREENWICH – After calling off their wedding, a former couple is fighting over custody of their dog after the woman brought the 5-year-old boxer-beagle mix to her parents’ home in Riverside, according to court documents.

Keith Glanzman has filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against his ex-fiancé, Jenna Demasi, asking her to return the dog. In the lawsuit, Glanzman said she was at work when Demasi took Frankie last week from the New York City apartment they shared.

Glanzman claims in the lawsuit that she adopted Frankie when the dog was 2 months old and has been the primary caregiver. However, Demasi claimed in an affidavit filed Tuesday that the two adopted Frankie and cared for the dog together.

According to Glanzman’s lawsuit, Demasi moved out of his apartment after she broke up with him and called off the wedding. Glanzman said she told Demasi on July 27 that she could visit Frankie, but that she was not allowed to bring the dog, according to the lawsuit. However, while he was at work, Glanzman claims Demasi went to the apartment last week and took Frankie to her parents’ Connecticut home.

According to her lawsuit, Glanzman has tried to get Demasi to return the dog and the $11,500 engagement ring, but she has refused.

Although Glanzman says he was Frankie’s sole adoptive parent, Demasi said in his affidavit that those claims are “baseless.”

In the affidavit, Demasi said the couple chose the dog together and agreed to only have Glanzman’s name on the adoption application and contract because at the time she was living “in a small apartment of New York City” while Glanzman “lived in a rented house in the suburbs with a backyard.”

Demasi said she also told Glanzman she planned to return the engagement ring once she paid her share of the rent, according to the affidavit. Now that he has paid, Demasi said he will deliver the ring to the jeweler where Glanzman bought it so he can pick it up, according to his affidavit.

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