World’s Longest Yard Sale

COVINGTON, Ky. — Community members lined up in the Mainstrasse Village area Saturday and Sunday to participate in the 127th or the World’s Longest Sale, an event sponsored by ROME. Organizer William Dickson said he wanted to bring back a community phenomenon after it was on hiatus for a couple of years.

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The 127th or the World’s Longest Yard Sale returned for the first time in years on August 6-7.

The event lasted two days for community members to sell their work and other items no longer used in their homes.

ROME sponsored this year’s event as organizers worked to bring back a community phenomenon

Organizers say they hope to continue to expand as the years of this event go by

“Really, this is just a local version. Covington’s main street is Route 127, and that’s one of the reasons it’s here. In years past, this would be where people commuting south would start on the 127th or the longest yard sale in the world, so you’d get there very early and then move on to other parts of Kentucky,” Dickson said.

Dickson said this year’s event was a little smaller than years past. However, this was an opportunity to reintroduce community members to the event and allowed some community members to sell items in their homes that are no longer in use.

“I think if other people want to appreciate it like I used to, they should,” Raven Ireland said. Ireland was one of the community members selling items on Sunday.

“Tops, shoes, purses, jeans, shorts, skirts, different things like that … dresses, you name it,” she said.

Ireland said those items could go to people who really need them. It gave him a chance to earn a little more cash and meet some more members of the community. Dickson said it was also a way for artisans to get out and show some of their work.

“There are also many artists here. There are printmakers, painters, so it’s a mix. There’s definitely antiques, and there’s just some basement treasures,” she said. She said she’d love to see more of these artists and more community members at the event in the future.

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